Witch Girls Adventures

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Ghosts and Grendle

Spider bow

Tonight we find our players in the middle of a mystery with an imaginary monster on the loose. Monica Green, a young witch (whom the players met recently) illegally summoned the creature known as Grendle and had asked our players to help her track him down. The players reluctantly agreed and they trailed the beast into the Potions room. Once inside they found the chamber to be in disarray, bottles broken and scattered around the floor. The large stained glass window was shattered, all the tell tale signs of a creature wildly trying to escape.

The players decide to look around the room while Lizzy pockets a Stealth and a Tracking potion while Talena spots an interesting looking gem set in a golden disc on the floor. She picks up the gem and sets off a trap, that knocks out Lizzy and Monica, but Circe and Talena are seemingly unaffected. After Lizzy and Monica come to, they decide to escape through the door opposite the broken window. The trail of Grendle leads them to the school’s cafeteria where the players run into an angry poltergeist. Talena was able to calm the poltergeist, while they hid from the flying pots and pans that zoomed around the room. Monica wasn’t as fortunate, as she was hit in the face with a possessed frying pan! The poltergeist was revealed to be the ghostly school cook Molly. As a reward for being so kind, Talena was offered a special silver locket on a chain. The rest of the group were each given a peppermint candy ( which restore a point of life when eaten) as well as Talena. The players listened to Molly recount how the Grendle attacked her and dispersed her making her angry so she transformed into the poltergeist to defend herself. The beast gave up and ravaged through the food, making a mess of the kitchen, and eventually clawed its way out the back door and into the woods.

The players followed Grendel’s trail and came across the faint smell of peppermint. The players heard crying coming from the bushes and decided to investigate. There they meet a witch named Melody, who explained to them that she was out catching Fairy Fire for an art project when the Grendle chased her. So that he wouldn’t sniff her out, Melody used a spell to make everything around her smell like peppermint. She told the players that the Grendle eventually gave up and ran up the path toward the mountains. Melody tries to go back to the school and threatens to tell the headmistress about what they have done, but the players were able to persuade her to join them in the search for Grendle.

The players follow his trail once again and come to a clearing, only to find the huge menacing Grendle staring back at them with his fierce green eyes. Grendle is holding two huge boulders which he can throw at the players. He throws the first but it misses them. Talena steps up and uses her Talk to Plants spell to entwine the Grendle leaving him immobile but still able to spit his acidic slime at them. Lizzy then throws stones at Grendle and hits him between the eyes, this enrages the Grendle and he fights harder against his restraints. Monica cowers with Melody trying to hide themselves behind a tree. Circe steps up and fires off a spell that strikes the Grendel for more damage. The Grendle, now seething with rage, launches an acidic loogie which hits Monica for damage. Lizzy then suggests that Monica step up and seal the beast, because after all it was her summoning that brought him here to begin with.

Monica agrees and asks if anyone has a gem stone to bind him in. Talena (having picked up the mysterious amethyst stone from the trap) hands it to her and Monica summons Grendle back into the stone and therefore ending the encounter. The stone turns black and Monica stuffs it into her pocket. Lizzy and Talena both receive Onyx wands which were left behind after Grendle was captured. The players decide to retrace their steps and clean up after the chase so no one would find out about the illegal summoning which could lead to their expulsion from school. The players return to their dorm room, Melody and Monica go their separate ways each promising not to speak of the ordeal, and Lizzy and Talena decide to rest and study their spell books while Circe prepares to take the group down to the main hall for orientation.

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